MedScan Report Features

  • Uni-directional or Bi-Directional EMR Capabilities
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Paper Requisition Form
  • Online Interface

MedScan is able to report results via fax, email or web portal. Web based reporting uses secured access via the internet and is the richest and most contemporary method of providing result delivery.  You simply log into our secured web site and you will be able to search for patient results both past and present.

Sample Report 1

Reporting Form Features include:

  • Determines whether the metabolites detected or not-detected are consistent or inconsistent with the known prescription
  • Provides multiple report formats
  • Results include panel ordering, metabolites screened, cutoff values for each metabolite, and a specific summary section noting any consistent or inconsistent results evaluation based on the initial info collected.
  • Format is able, by preference, to list detected, not detected, and not tested status for any/all metabolites on the labs test menu.

Requisition Form

The requisition form will be supplied by MedScan Lab with your client information pre-printed. The requisition form is easy and user friendly to fill out.








Web Based Interface

When patient reports become available, they will populate on the Client Dashboard via the Web Portal. Clients can search for specific patient reports, or clients can view a listing of all available reports using the date range and sorting functions, such as searching by a patients last name. Reports can be viewed selectively and/or batch printed to local office printers, faxed, etc. Each account can be set up based upon specific customer requirements.

In addition to viewing the patient’s current report, clients can selectively view a patient’s full result history. One or more tests may be selected and displayed in a graph over time, to further enhance the diagnostic value of the results.

Providing the clinician faster access to critical patient care information, while helping the MedScan Lab streamline its report distribution to improve efficiency and turnaround time. Physicians can quickly access completed reports from a secure Web page using any PC with his/her unique user name and password for proper authorization. MedScan Lab can customize the look of the electronic reports to reflect the facility’s image and to present results in a way that delivers the most value to our customers. Physicians can print reports directly from web based interface for easy information sharing and record-keeping.

client dashboard 2016